Map: Syrian forces cut main supply line linking Abu Al-Duhur airbase with Idlib

The Syrian forces continue advancing in Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) heartlands amid intense skirmishes in the southeastern countryside of Idlib.
The elite Tiger Forces – with the support of Russian air-power – succeeded in liberating the key town of Khuraihab west of Abu Adduhur airbase, in Idlib province.
With restoring “Khuraibah”, the Army units have full fire-control of Mua’arrat Al-Numan – Abu Adduhur main supply route as HTS militants use it to for transportation and equipping.
Earlier today, the Army also made considerable advancement in the Idlib province, capturing seven hamlets from the HTS terror group.
Furthermore, the government troops in eastern Hama have finally established full control over the years-lasting “HTS” town of Al-Rahjan.