Idlib Map Update | Syrian Army liberates new village , 6 km to Abo Duhur Airbase

Syrian Army units liberated the village of Al-Jabriya “Um Miyal” located south of Abu Duhour Airport after fierce battles with Jabhat Al Nusra.
The village is positioned along the train track that passes through Abu Duhour town and it also overlooks the villages of Ma’araya and Al-Hasiya which are now under fire control.
This advance comes after Syrian Army units managed to lay fire control upon the supply route to Abu Duhour from the rebel stronghold of Ma’arrat al-Nu’man through the capture of surrounding heights and villages.
The distance to the strategic airport has now been cut to 6 km as seen in the map.
The armed formations will continue their military operations against Nusra terrorists as air strikes pummel their positions and gatherings non-stop in the area.
Furthermore, the government troops in eastern Hama have finally established full control over the years-lasting “HTS” town of Al-Rahjan.