-German rapper 'Deso Dogg' killed while fighting for Isis in Syria -Report

A German national once known as “Deso Dogg” during his rap career has died while fighting for Isis in Syria.
Denis Cuspert was born in Berlin and was known by other jihadi as “the German”. According to Wafa Media, a pro-Islamic State news website, Cuspert was killed on Thursday (17 January) in Deir al-Zour, an eastern province in Syria – Deir Ezzor. He died from an air strike in the region.
Cuspert was injured in a battle with the Syrian Democratic Forces who reclaimed Raqqa from Isis last year. The US had reported Cuspert died in an air strike in Syria in 2015 but later retracted these claims after photos surfaced of him a few weeks later. He joined Isis in 2014.
Cuspert was also a notable recruiter of other German extremists. He appeared in a beheading video showing a dismembered head to the camera. He then said anyone who fights the Islamic State will receive the death penalty as well.
It is also believed that Cuspert produced the footage of British Isis fighter ‘Jihadi John’ beheading UK and US prisoners with a knife.
Cuspert’s time fighting for Isis had a strange sub-story. He was being monitored by an FBI translator, Daniela Greene, who ultimately fell in love with Cuspert and was smuggled into Syria to join Isis as well.
Despite marrying Cuspert, Greene later fled the extremist group following a change of heart and was given two years behind bars for supporting Isis.
Meanwhile, a 17-year-old German schoolgirl could be facing the death penalty in Baghdad after fleeing her home country to marry an Isis soldier. Pulsnitz teenager Linda Wenzel, who was 15 at the time, described joining Isis as the decision that “ruined her life”.
Her role with Isis was to whip and abuse women who were not dressed appropriately, the Daily Mail reported. She was smuggled into Syria through Istanbul after forging her mother’s signature to buy a ticket from Germany.
If Linda avoids a death sentence, she could still spend the next 10 years in a Baghdad jail. If she does not, she will be put to death once she turns 22.