BREAKING: Syrian Army captures new villages southern Aleppo

The government troops backed by allied groups continue their military operations in Aleppo’s southern countryside , capturing several villages after fierce battles with HTS militants .
According to military source , the Syrian troops were able to liberate the strategic hill ” Tall Al-Masseh ” along with ” Al-Masseh” town that located west of Tall Al-Daman in south Aleppo countryside .
Earlier today, the Army made large push inside HTS heartlands in southern Aleppo, restoring  the strategic hilltop of ”Tall Al-Shaheed ”, following clashes with the militants.
The Syrian army is 7 km to Abu Duhur airbase from its sites in Masseh , and 10 km from Tall Al-Daman , 6 km from Um Sanabiel village to Bouyder village south of Abu Duhur airbase .

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