Breaking Map | Syrian Army liberates the Strategic town Sinjar with three villages south Idlib.

The Syrian army troops backed by Syrian and Russia aerospace forces keep advancing in southern Idlib province, against the terror group of HTS..
Military source told Muraselon that the elite units of the Tiger Forces have liberated the Strategic town Sinjar in south Idlib countryside after clashes with HTS militants .
The liberation of Sinjar came after advancing in the surround villages , which allowed to the Syrian troops to cut military supply lines of Sinjar from the west side.
the Syrian troops were able to liberate Kifraya , Surjah , Um-Alhalayel , Khayarh , Al-Motawesta villages which located south-west Sinjar in South Idlib
By this liberation the Syrian Army is 15 km to Abo Al-Thuhr Airbase .

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