Breaking Map | Syrian Army liberates new 16 villages , 3 km to Abo Duhur Air Base

The Syrian forces continue advancing in Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) heartlands amid intense skirmishes in the southeastern countryside of Idlib.
The elite Tiger Forces – with the support of Russian air-power – succeeded in liberating new 16 villages in the South-East axis of Abo Duhur Air Base in south Idlib countryside after clashes with HTS militants .
the Syrian Army is now 3 km to Abo Duhur Air Base from it site in Bayaa Sagera as the map shows .
Military source told Muraselon that HTS militants sent military reinforcements to its sites in Abo Duhur Air Base and the Surrounding villages .
the Syrian – Russian air forces continue to strike HTS militants in Abo Duhur Air Base and the Surrounding villages.