BREAKING MAP: Syrian Army is few kilometers away from the strategic Abu Adduhur airbase

The Syrian forces continue advancing in Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) heartlands amid intense skirmishes in the southeastern countryside of Idlib.
Propelled by the Russian and Syrian air-power, the army troops led by Tiger Force managed to kick out HTS jihadists from the key ‘Sinjar’ town along with more than 6 hamlets, on Sunday.
“Baz Qybly, Baz Shamaly, Ramleh, Sara’a, Sare’e, Jdaidah” villages were restored by government troops following heavy battles, military source said.
According to Muraselon mapper, only 15 kilometers left for the Syrian Army to reach the years-long rebel-controlled key airbase of Abu Adduhur in eastern Idlib.