Breaking map | Elite Syrian Army expands control in South Idlib , liberates Four villages

Following the Syrian Army offensive in northeast Hama and south Idlib province, the Syrian Army was able to expand control in south Idlib after heavy clashes with HTS
Military source told Muraselon that the elite Syrian army Tiger forces managed to liberate new four villages north of Abo Dalli village .
” Al-Niha , Um Al-Khalakhiel , Al-Zarzoor and Sham Al-Hawwa villages were liberated by the Syrian Army after heavy clashes with HTS militants ” , the Source Added .
By this new liberation ,the Syrian Army is 22 km to Maarat Al-Nuaman , 15 km to Khan Shiekhoon and 28 km to Abo Thohur airbase .
In total, The government advanced 20 km since the beginning of Idlib operation.

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