Aleppo Map Update: Syrian Army captures New villages north of Abu Duhour

Syrian Army units supported by allied groups continued military operations in Aleppo’s southern countryside advancing from a new axis and capturing several villages after fierce battles with Nusra terrorists.
A military source confirmed the capture of the villages of Huber and Sheikh Khalil in addition to the strategic Abu Ruwayl Hill positioned south of Jabal al-Arba’een in Aleppo’s southern countryside.
The military operations on this axis aim to advance on the villages north of Abu Duhour Airport in parallel to the advances on Umm Al-Sanabel axis west of the airport.
6 km separate the Syrian forces in Abu Duhour axis and those east of the military airport in south Aleppo countryside
In the last few days, the Syrian Army has captured over 40 towns in Aleppo’s southern countryside after a huge military operation that resulted in securing the Khanasser-Tal Daman, Arbae’en Mountain Highway.