Al-Nusra (HTS) and allies suffer heavy losses in failed attack on Atshan

A field source confirmed to Muraselon that dozens of HTS militants lay dead and injured after their failed attack on Atshan in Hama’s northern countryside.
The source added that units from the Syrian Army under the command of Suheil al-Hassan had inflicted huge firepower upon Nusra gatherings during their assault on Atshan axis Friday evening.
Moreover, dozens of those barbecued corpses smother the town’s grounds, a witness to the operation’s bloody abortion.
HTS militants, allied with Turkistani and FSA factions, had launched a massive offensive on Friday on government positions in Atshan region in Hama’s northern countryside as well as Rabi’ah in Idlib’s southern countryside using VBIEDs to support their assault.
The Syrian Army successfully managed to repel the offensive, the second of its kind to fail in the past 48 hours.
It is worth recalling that a similar ambush on the same axis had neutralized over 50 rebels from Ahrar al-Sham, which is what forced HTS to take the fight instead of Ahrar on this front.