Afrin map update: YPG counter-attacks, recaptures several areas from Turkish-backed rebels

Kurdish militants on Tuesday managed to restore a number of strategic areas and hills that captured by rebels and the Turkish army north and northwest of Afrin.
Pro-YPG sources reported that the Kurdish fighters recaptured the village of Qurnah in Bulbul axis north of Afrin after heavy clashes resulted in the killing of 8 rebels.
In the north-western axis, the Kurdish militants were able to restore the strategic mountain of Bersaya, killing several militants of the Turkish-backed rebels.
The Syrian rebels were able to advance in the western axis of Afrin from their positions in the occupied Liwa’a Iskandarun (Iskandarun province), where they managed to control the town of Hammam in the Janders axis south-west of Afrin, Tel Sirtil and the town of Omar Ushaghi west of Afrin.
Erdogan said on Thursday that seven militants of the Euphrates and two Turkish soldiers were killed during the fighting, while 268 Kurdish fighters were killed, that categorically denied by Kurdish sources.
The Syrian Observatory said that 48 militants backed by the Turkish military were killed since the beginning of the “olive branch” operation in afrin, while 42 SDF militants killed by artillery and airstrikes.

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