In Video : President al-Assad meets Russian President Vladimir Putin in Hameimim AirBase ,Syria

President Bashar al-Assad met with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, at the Hmeimim-based Military Base on Monday.

Presidents al-Assad and Putin reviewed the military forces at the Hameimim base in the presence of the Russian Defense Minister and Chief of Staff of the Syrian Arab Army.

President Putin ordered  the Defense Minister and the Chief of General Staff to start preparation for withdrawing the Russian group of soldiers to their permanent bases.

He said that if the terrorists appeared again in Syria, they will receive a blow they had never seen.

President al-Assad thanked President Putin over Russia’s active participation in fighting terrorism in Syria, stressing that what the Russian military personnel have achieved will not be forgotten by the Syrian people since the blood of their martyrs mixed with the blood of the martyrs of the Syrian Arab army in the face of terrorists.