VIDEO: Israeli-backed jihadists shoot down Syrian chopper near occupied Heights

Today afternoon, the jihadist rebels operating in Beit Jenn pocket – supported by Israel – have fired a guided anti aircrafts missile against Syrian Air force helicopter.

According to a video footage released by rebel media, the Syrian helicopter was roaming above the Beit Jenn area, before it was downed and landed near Kanaker village in western Ghouta regio

The Syrian helicopter downing is seen as the first incident occurred in the small pocket of Beit Jenn, possibly to be armed by Israeli made air defenses rockets.the pilot and two of his personnel were killed instantly

A month ago, the Israeli-backed jihadist rebels initiated a twin suicide attacks targeting the Syrian village of Hadar. Killing 10 civilians injuring scores, near the occupied Golan Heights.
Throwback to 2015, Israel also shot down a Syrian Su-24 jet bomber in Al-Quneitra province while conducting airstrikes against jihadists positions.


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