Syria Map Update : Syrian Army Expands control in North Hama Countryside

The government troops with the backing of Russian aerospace forces continue its mailitry operations against the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) in northern Hama province.

Backed by heavy airstrikes from the Russian Air Forces, the Syrian Army’s 4th Division and Republican Guard managed to control the Al-Zahra farms , Tall Khanzer village which located north-west of Tall Syriateel .

Military source told Muraselon website that the Army artillery hit Al-Nusra front in Tall Al-Maqlaa and Al-Musherfeh village in order to start the storming ..

The military source confirmed to Muraselon website that those villages are still in the countryside of Hama, However , Google maps put them in the Idlib countryside.

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