Syria Map Update | 13 km separate the Syrian Army from allies in Al-Bukamal ,Deir Ezzor

Syrian Army units continued their military operations with the support of the Russian Air Force against the ISIS terrorist organization in the southeastern countryside of Mayadeen in the direction of Albukamal.

Those operations aim to liberate all the towns and villages under ISIS control on the western banks of the Euphrates.

A military source confirmed to Muraselon that the eilte Syrian Army -Tiger forces – were able to accomplish a significant advance east of Salhiya in the direction of Albukamal controlling many towns including Jabal al-Nassooriya, Tal al-Hanzeer, Tal al-Bani, and Muwayhat Al-Mjude

The Syrian Army also seized control of a number of villages along the western bank of the Euphrates including Al-Taresh, Al-Abbas, al-Mir’i, Shamar, Mazra’et Shamar, Al-Qit’a, and al-Tawthiye.

The military source confirmed the neutralization of dozens of terrorists along with their VBIEDs and military vehicles in addition to confiscating large stocks of weapons and equipment.

With this development, the Syrian Army is less than 13 km away from linking up with allied force in Al-Asharah village.

It is expected that this feat will take place on either the 7th or 8th of the current month.

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