Map update: Syrian Forces tighten the noose around Alqaeda in Beit Jenn pocket.

The government troops backed by Syrian Airstrikes continue marching on in Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham group areas in the last small enclave near the occupied Golan Heights.

Following intense skirmishes with the extremist group of ‘HTS’, the army units took control of two major hilltops (Maqtoul and Al-Ahmar) located on the western side of the Beit Jenn pocket.

Few days ago, the Syrian Army also managed to drive out HTS jihadists from Tall shihab area, killing and wounding scores of them.

With the recent government advancement, the Alqaeda main stronghold of Mughir almir is completely under fire control, as it is seen as the western gate towards the largest terrorists enclave of Beit Jenn.