Jihadist rebels launch surprise offensive in north Hama as Syrian Army defends

At 12:00 pm Damascus time, the jihadists of the Hay’at Tahrir Alsham (HTS) along with allied rebel factions, targeted the government locations in northern Hama countryside.

Their attack was concentrated on Zullaqiyat and Zillin army checkpoints, near of the strategic town of Hulfaiyah, 20 km north of Hama provincial capital.

According to preliminary reports, the Syrian units withdrew from Zullaqiyat checkpoint due to heavy firing from the jihadists as Syrian choppers pummel the lost point.

Meanwhile, the Syrian and Russian air forces have conducted dozens air-strikes against the jihadists supply lines and their main strongholds in Massasnah and Buwaidah towns.

The Syrian Army sent military reinforcements towards the raging battleground in order to support the defensive units thwarting the jihadists attack.




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