Hmeimim Center: US-led international coalition cooperates with remaining terrorists in Syria

Hmeimim-based Russian Coordination Center affirmed that the US-led “international coalition” continues to cooperate with the remaining terrorists in Syria and it gathers terrorists who fled away from Daesh (ISIS) organization and others.

In a statement on Saturday, the Center said that the “international coalition” continues to support and deal with terrorists despite of Washington’s statements in which it asserts its adherence to eradicate Daesh terrorists.

The statement added that the US military trainers are establishing new military units under the name of “the New Syrian Army” near a camp for the displaced in Hasaka province, adding that it embraces groups which defected from the terrorist organizations.

It indicated that US military announced that those units will be transported to the south of Syria to fight against the Syrian Arab Army after finishing their training period.

The statement affirmed that about 750 terrorists, including 400 terrorists from Daesh, who have been transported from Raqqa last October with the support of the US are now at the bases which had been established.