High ranking Syrian General arrives battleground of Idlib for final battle

The prominent commander of the Syrian Arab Army’s elite “Tiger Forces” has recently arrived into the raging battlefield of northern Hama province.

According to military source, the General Suhiel Al-Hassan will lead the upcoming large-scale campaign towards Idlib province; the main haven for the terror group of HTS and opposition factions.

With the Syrian Army conducting military operations towards the strategic airbase of Abu Adduhur in east Idlib, the province is on the verge of the biggest battle in the entire Syrian war.

General Suheil has had led several operations across the country such as:

Kuweires offensive (September-November 2015)
East Aleppo offensive (2015-16)
Aleppo offensive (June-August 2016)
2012 Hama offensive
First Battle of the Shaer gas field
Second Battle of the Shaer gas field
Second Siege of Wadi Deif
2014 Hama offensive
2015 Northwestern Syria offensive
Al-Ghab offensive (July-August 2015)
2016 Khanasir offensive
Palmyra offensive (March 2016)
East Aleppo offensive (May 2017)
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