BREAKING MAP: Syrian Forces on verge of liberating entire Euphrates flanks, 7 areas restored

Aiming to expel the extremist group of the Islamic state from the entire Deir Ezzor province, the army troops keep advancing along the Euphrates river southern the provincial capital.

Military source told Muraselon that the government forces seized the former stronghold of ISIS ”Al-Jala’a” city along with 6 villages of “Al-Ramadi” , “Buq’aan” , ” Hasran” , “Burhum” , ” Salam” , “Muslakha” after intense skirmishes with the terror group.

Backed by Russian air-power – yesterday – the Syrian army led by Tiger Force managed to score significant advancement in the western flank of Euphrates, taking control of several areas from ISIS.

Following this development, the Syrian Army is less than 10 km away from linking up with allied force in Al-Asharah village.

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