Breaking Map | Syrian Army liberates the strategic town Abo Dalli and new villages South Idlib .

Following the Syrian Army offensive in north Hama and South Idlib , the elite Syrian Army Tiger forces liberated new strategic towns after heavy clashes with HTS Militants .


Military source told Muraselon that the Syrian Army Tiger forces with 4th Armored Division liberated the strategic town Abo Dalli in South Idlib countryside after heavy clashes with HTS militants .


By the liberation of Abo Dalli town , the Syrian Army is 35 Km to Abu al-Duhur Airbase .


the source added that the Syrian troops Tiger forces were able also to liberate Hamdaniyah , Hamdaniyah train station , AL-Nasreah – Tall Maraq villages south of Abo Dalli town after clashes with HTS


“Our troops are now inside Atshan village , we managed to liberate half of the village ” Military source in Tiger forces told exclusively Muraselon .

” Atshan village will liberate today ” , the Source Added .

#Updated Map : Liberation of Tall Maraq 3:30 PM

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