In Video | Liwaa Al-Quds scores direct hit on Al-Nusra vehicle in west Aleppo

The pro-government Palestinian paramilitary, Liwaa Al-Quds, released footage on Thursday of their forces destroying an armored vehicle belonging to the Al-Qaeda linked Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham terrorist group in western Aleppo.

The video footage below shows Liwaa Al-Quds personnel firing an ATGM towards the HTS fighters in the Kafr Hamra area of Aleppo, scoring a direct hit on the vehicle.

As a result of this attack, Liwaa Al-Quds managed to kill an HTS field commander and three of his associates.

While there is a de-escalation agreement in west Aleppo, attacks on HTS are permitted because they are considered a terrorist group