Updated Syria Map 3/11/2017 : who control what .

The Syrian Army is waging a nationwide campaign to re-take the territories seized by different armed groups in alignment with engaging in Astana peace talks.

Recently, the country’s Army troops have made tremendous achievements by reclaim large swaths of lands across the war-torn country.

In the North-East , the Syrian Army liberated Deir Ezzor city , and all its western countryside , advanced Towards Al-BuKamal by liberating 14 villages along of the Euphrates River till Al-Mayadeen city in eastern countryside.

Deep in the expanding Syrian Desert the Syrian Army and allied forces continue to seize more lands along the Syria-Iraq borders,  successfully liberated T2 T2 Pumping Station , and advanced Towards Albuqmal.

In central Syria , the Syrian Army liberated ISIS pocket in Eastern Hama – Homs countrysides , advanced in north Hama countryside.

In the south, the government forces – backed by allied fighters – have taken full control of all East-South Damascus countryside along the borders.

IRAQ : the Iraqi forces took control of Al-Qaim city in the border with Syria .

Estimated percentage of control:

Syrian Army ≈ 55%

Kurdish militia ≈ 25%

ISIS ≈ 7 %

FSA & HTS ≈ 13%