UNICEF: Today, Yemen is the worst place on earth for children

Geert Cappelaere, United Nations Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF’s) Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa said : It is fair enough to say that today, Yemen is one of the worst places on earth for a child. More than eleven million Yemeni children today are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

UNICEF announced, in Yemen every 10 minutes a child loses his life due to preventable diseases. After three weeks, Saudi Arabia has taken its blockade against Yemen. Medical assistance has arrived in Yemen and the first ship carrying food consisting of five thousand five hundred tons of flour has been unloaded.

Meanwhile, UN officials say the aid does not meet the needs of the Yemeni people in any way.

Anis Samawi, deputy director of the Yemeni naval operations department, said: “The ship has now arrived at the Hodeidah harbor. The ship carries flour and relief items weighing five thousand and five hundred tons. however, this cargo does not meet the needs of the people.”

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