Syrian Army fully encircles Al-Bukamal ,liberates Key ISIS village on the Euphrates -MAP

The Syrian Army backed by its Allies resumed military campaign towards last Islamic sate bulwark of the bordering city of Al-Bukamal.

According to Military source ,Backed by Russian Air force the Syrian Army with Allies have liberated Al-Sukkaria , Hamdan and Hamdan airbase in the west side of al-Bukamal city after heavy clashes with ISIS

By this liberation , the Syrian army with Allies managed to siege Al-Bukamal city from three axis , the forces are engaging with ISIS inside eastern part the city , the Source added .

Military source in Tiger forces confirmed to Muraselon website that the elite Syrian Army tiger forces annihilate ISIS in Al-Salhiya village and liberated it with Al-Ward oil field , Dozens of ISIS terrorists were killed and 12 car bombs were destroyed  within days.

Al-Salhiya village was The most important ISIS village west Al-Bukamal , ISIS military supplies – between the villages on the west flank the Euphrates – have been cut , only 20 km to meet with other forces in west Al-Bukamal , the source Added

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