Syrian Armed Opposition Not Fighting Nusra Terrorists -MOD

The Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation has located the Jabhat Fatah al-Sham terror group (Nusra Front) in the country’s Southern de-escalation zone .

A Russian military official said that the Syrian armed opposition has not taken any combat actions against the terrorists.

“As a result of monitoring of the Southern de-escalation zone, officers found out that the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were operating near the locality of Beyjin.

The terrorists conducted offensive against the [Syrian army] periodically… So far, no measures have been taken by the opposition in the region to fight against the terrorists in the Southern de-escalation zone,” head of the center, Lt. Gen. Sergei Kuralenko, said at a daily briefing.

Kuralenko added that the situation in the region has been strained due to the presence of the armed group, designated as a terrorist organization by the international community.

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