Syria Map Update | Syrian Army Expands control west of Al-Bukamal , Deir Ezzor

Following the military operation to liberate all villages west Al-Bukamal on the west Bank of the Euphrates River , the Syrian army Managed to control  new villages .

Military source  confirmed to Muraselon website that the elite Syrian Army Tiger forces Managed to liberate more villages west of Tishreen village  Al after heavy clashes with ISIS

.” Al-Kamsha , wadi Al-Abyad , Subikhan , tall Al-Tafran and Dbyan villages have been liberated by the elite Syrian Army Tiger forces during past two days ” , the source added .

The source told Muraselon that ” Al-Quriyah and Al-Ashara villages ” have never liberated yet , the NEWS  about an ” ISIS counter-attack ” on that villages is incorrect , the Russian Air forces struck ISIS inside that villages .

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