SDF official: Kurds will join the Syrian Arab Army ranks!

Senior official of the Council of “Democratic Syria” said that the forces, which constitute the majority of the Kurds, and supported by the United States publicly, will join the Syrian armed forces. 

The Co-chairman of the Council of Democratic Syria, Riad Darrar, stressed that “when the Syrian settlement is achieved, Syria’s democratic forces will join the Syrian army.”

“America has always believed with us, and it is working to eliminate the Islamic state organization until the political settlement achieved in Syria,” Derar said Kurdish radio station Rudaw, which broadcasts from Erbil.

“When the Syrian state stabilizes, we can say that the Americans did what they said, then withdraw as they did in Iraq and set a date for their departure and leave.” Derar added.

“If the war in Syria ends with one federal state, we believe that there is no need for arms and troops; because this force will engage in the Syrian Arab Army; and Syria’s democratic forces are Syrian forces not local forces” Derar cited to Rudaw.

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