Map update: Syrian Army gains 2 long-lasting Al-Qaeda towns in north of Hama

The Syrian Forces resumed its mission objectives in the northern countryside of Hama province, as 2 villages were restored from Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham “HTS”.

Today morning, units of the Syrian Army intensified its operations in north Hama, gained ‘Douma’ and ‘Rabiyah’ towns from the terrorist organization of “HTS” (formally Al-Nusra Front).

36 kilometers north of the provincial capital of Hama city, the Government troops put its first foothold since 5 years with this achievement.

Recently – By a Russian mediation – an agreement with the opposition factions has led to re-open the years-long blocked road of Hama-Khan Shaykhon through Morek juncture town.



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