BREAKING MAP: Syrian Army squeezes on ISIS in Deir Ezzor, regains several areas

The government troops gain momentum day after day defeating the terror group of the Islamic state in several front-lines across Deir Ezzor province.

Today – following intense clashes – the elite Syrian group of the Tiger Forces liberated the key district of ‘Al-Jubailiyah’ along with multiple areas around in the heart of  Deir Ezzor city, military source said.

This fresh achievement comes after restoring the districts of ‘Al-Khasarat’ , ‘Al-Kanamat’ , ‘Bader’ and ‘the old airport’ from ISIS yesterday.

Elsewhere in the province, the Army – backed by allied forces – advanced on the highway of T2 – Al-Bukamal, earlier today, as 50 km left to reach last ISIS stronghold.