Turkish Court Releases Pilot of Crashed Syrian MiG-21 Fighter Jet

The NTV broadcaster said Friday that the pilot of the Syrian MiG-21 fighter jet that crashed on Turkish territory in March has been released from detention.

The court of Turkish Hatay province has released Mehmet Sufhan, the pilot of the Syrian MiG-21 fighter jet that crashed on Turkish territory in March, from detention, the NTV broadcaster reported on Friday

According to the report, the trial of the pilot, who is charged with violation of the state border and espionage activities, will continue.

Military source confirm to Muraselon website that the Syrian pilot has arrived to Kassab town in northon Latakia countryside this morning

On March 4, the Ahrar al-Sham militant group claimed to have shot down the Syrian army’s MiG-21in northern Syria near the Turkish border. The pilot managed to eject and landed across the border in Turkey’s southern Hatay province. He was hospitalized and subsequently arrested and charged by Ankara on the aforementioned charges.

Sputnik + Muraselon

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