Syrian Army readies final battle against ISIS in al-Qaryatayn .

The Syrian forces are amassing troops and equipment in order to retake a predominantly-Christian town in central Syria.

On Friday, ISIS sleeper cells took over the town of al-Qaryatayn in a surprise offensive against pro-government fighters.

The government forces are now marching on the hilltops surrounding the town , near Al-Muhhessh mounts , which also fell to ISIS militants. Fierce clashes are ongoing with the Syrian Army conducting heavy artillery and rocket shelling.

Al-Qaryatayn is located roughly 110 km from the nearest gathering of the Islamic State near al-Sukhnah.

This makes the restoration of the town even easier with Army troops now completely enriching the strategic town.

A military source told Muraselon that Army units have already launched its operation to fully reclaim Al-Qaryatayn.

On April 2016, the Syrian forces ousted the Islamic State from Al-Qaryatayn after months-long battles.

Source : Muraselon