Syria map update: Syrian Army breaks-through ISIS defenses in Deir Ezzor city

Aiming to expel the self-proclaimed group of the Islamic state, the Syrian Army, Wednesday, stormed the terrorist’s defensive lines at Al-Orfy neighborhood in the western gate of Deir Ezzor city.

Assisted by the Russian airstrikes, the government forces managed to retake some building blocks inside the Al-Orfy and Al-Sina’aa neighborhoods, military source confirmed to Muraselon.

In another context, the Syrian helicopters dropped leaflets on all villages located in the eastern countryside of the city, calling on civilians to move away from the headquarters of ISIS, SANA reported.

In the eastern side of Euphrates River, the agency pointed out that army has made significant progress by controlling important points towards Al-Siasiah bridge, giving the government further step to encircle ISIS inside Deir Ezzor city.

At the raging city of Al-Mayadeen, the Syrian Forces earlier regained full control of al-Baloum neighborhood, and half of al-Sina’a district.