Syria Map Update : Syrian Army, allies seize more outposts along Jordanian borders

The Syrian Army, backed by allied forces, continue to overrun the US-backed rebels in southeastern countryside of Damascus , recapturing more sites.

The government forces engaged in fierce fight against the armed opposition factions before liberating four villages – which include key headquarter – and Ten border outposts; namely 186, 187, 188, 189 till 195.

Among the killed are two senior rebel commanders for Osous al-Sharqiyah and Jaish Ahrar al-Ashayer groups, which are fighting the Syrian Army under direct supervision from the US.

Earlier on on Saturday , the Syrian Army had liberated 9 bordering outposts , 177 till 185 , and Tall Um Edn which located east of Al-Zalef dam .

The advance comes as part of a wider push waged by the Syrian government forces to secure the stretching desert land along the borders with Jordan.

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