Syria map update: ISIS in trouble as Syrian Army gains imperative lands

The government troops gain momentum day after day defeating the terror group of the Islamic state in several front-lines across Deir Ezzor province.

Today – following intense clashes – the storming forces liberated the vital T2 oil-pumping station in southwest Deir Ezzor, putting the Syrian Army within less than 70 km from the strategic Al-bukamal city.

Yesterday, the army also liberated the water pumping station of Al-Irtiwaziyah near the T2 after days-long battles, as the war media team shot a combat footage from the same area.

In a related context, the Iraqi troops launched military operations towards the Syrian borders aiming to drive out ISIS from Rawa and Qa’im in Western Anbar province, reports claimed.

Inside the Deir Ezzor city, the Army reclaimed the largest island in the province of ‘Huaijat Sakr’ and Al-Ommal neighborhood (workers housing). 


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