PICTURES: ISIS attacks Syria’s largest oilfield in Deir Ezzor province

The ultraconservative group of the Islamic state – on Sunday – launched a surprise offensive in the eastern side of the Euphrates in order to snatch  Al-Omar oilfield, that is under control of the US-backed SDF.

Amaq; the media wing of ISIS, released several combat pictures showing their militant storming the vicinity of Al-Omar.

On the other hand, SDF media claimed on Monday that ISIS attack on Al-Omar oilfield was repelled, killing 10 jihadists, while one tank and two technicals were seized by the SDF fighters.

Al-Omar oilfield is located 10 km east of Al-Mayadeen, was captured by rebels in Nov 2013, then controlled by ISIS in 2014, then recaptured by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) last week.