Map Update: Syrian Army clears out ISIS enclave in east Hama

The areas which have for years used by the Islamic State as a launch-pad to threaten the government-held towns and villages in eastern Hama countryside are now completely secure after the group’s defeat.

The Syrian forces have finally recaptured all ISIS-held towns and villages located inside the east Hama enclave; thus completely ending the group’s existence.

The clearance of the long-lasting contested pocket has been primarily achieved by the elite 4th Armored Division after months-long battles with the battle-hardened militants.

Aside from securing hundreds km2 of lands and closing another chapter of the terror group in east Salamiyah, the liberation of east Hama countryside will further free up more troops which will be soon deployed to other battlegrounds; most probably the Sukhnah frontline.

For HD map, click on the featured pic above.

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