MAP || Syrian Army begins operation towards ISIS-held of Al-Mayadeen, #DeirEzzor .

The government troops – spearheaded by the Tiger forces – have launched new operation against the Islamic state at Deir Ezzor- Almayadeen highway along the Euphrates river, military source cited to Muraselon.

Supported by the Russian Air forces, the combat troops managed to advance on the western bank of the Euphrates amid heavy clashes with the extremist group, the source added.

On the northwest axis of Deir Ezzor, reports had it that the Syrian Forces achieved a progress towards Hutla Al-Fokani village; close strategic area facing the SDF, also in Huiajat Sakr island the army continue to storm ISIS positions.

In the far eastern countryside of Homs, the Syrian units and allies gained 4 km near Humaimah town towards the T2 pumping station, as 10 km were reported gained at the same area, the war media team confirmed.

Elsewhere in eastern Deir Ezzor, the SDF militia backed by the US-Led coalition have reportedly captured Jafra oil fields; one of the most important revenue sources for ISIS, SDF spokesman claimed.

According to sources, the SDF militants are 10 km away from Albo Omar oil field in the eastern countryside of the embattled city.

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