Homs Map Update | Exclusive : Syrian Army seizes key oil field in central Syria .

Huge advances have been made today in the central province of Homs as the Syrian forces recaptured a major oil field along with several villages following fierce battles against the Islamic State.

According to a military source, the Syrian Army re-took, today, three more villages located to the northeast of Jib al-Jarrah; thus splitting ISIS enclave into halves and linking up the forces.

In the southern frontline of the enclave, Army troops made a remarkable breakthrough by recapturing al-Mahr oil field after sever battles with the terrorist group militants who withdrew northward to al-Bila’as area.

In the meantime, clashes erupted in the eastern countryside of al-Salamiyah where the government troops managed to liberate Abu Hanaya town located to the south of Qulayb al-Thawr. Scores of ISIS militants have been killed and wounded in the process.

The source confirmed to Muraselon that the organization is steadily collapsing in ints last foothold. “It’s a matter of time before the whole area is entirely liberated,” he added

HD Map ( Article Image )

Source : Muraselon

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