Breaking || Syrian Army liberates all villages from Dier Ezzor to Al-Mayadeen -Map

Following the significant achievement of liberating Islamic state capital of Al-Mayadeen , Southern Deir Ezzor, the Army continues rolling on ISIS locations in the province.

Military source confirmed to Muraselon website that the elite Syrian Army -Tiger forces – managed to liberate all villages between Dier Ezzor city and Al-Mayadeen, along the west bank of the Euphrates river.

Al-Muhsin, Al-Bolil and others areas around have been liberated today, thus giving the government full control of Al-Mayadeen-Deir Ezzor highway.

The Tiger forces task is now complete by liberating the Al-Mayadeen, and re-securing  Dier Ezzor -Al-Mayadeen road .