VIDEO: Russia tests launching giant ballistic missile.

Last night, Russia test launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, carrying an advanced warhead from the Kapustin Yar rocket trialing range in Astrakhan Oblast. Footage of the launch was released by the Russian Ministry of Defence today.

TOPOL-M, known by NATO as the ‘Sickle-B,’ was the first ICBM created by Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. Topol in Russian is the name for the White Poplar tree, which is very similar to the Aspen tree in North America.

The titan TOPOL-M road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile is one frightening creation of mankind. It can hide in cities, forests, or even nuclear-attack hardened bunkers. It’ll travel at over 15,000 MPH while taking evasive action and pumping out decoys on the way to its target.

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