Syrian Army expands control in East bank of the Euphrates River in Deir Ezzor – Map

The Syrian Army continues to fight the Islamic State in Dier Ezzor , making progress and liberating a small town in east bank of the Euphrates River .

The government troops backed by local fighters have established control over Al-Nashid town , which located north of Mazlom in eastern bank ., Al-Mayadeen TV reporter said .

Pro opposition said that SDF forces Shelled Syrian Army near Al-Nashid town , Muraselon website will Check out of these allegations .

In Huwaijat Sakr island, the hands-on experience troops of Republican guard – supported by heavy Russian airstrikes – are advancing amid heavy clashes with ISIS , a military source confirmed to Muraselon website.

Earlier on Monday , Kurdish source siad that Russian warplanes bombarded SDF positions in the area of Koniko (Conico) gas field northeast of Dier Ezzor Monday noon . However , Russia’s defense ministry denied these reports


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