Syria Map Update: Syrian Army almost breaks siege on Deir Ezzor Airbase

Battles continue to rip through the eastern city of Deir Ezzor as the government forces resume military operations to reach for the city’s Airbase.

To this end, the Syrian Army took over the strategic Alloush hilltop located some 2 km to the Airbase to the west of Cemetery area.

The Army troops aim at securing a supply route for the embattled Airbase by advancing south of the Cemetery area to Thardeh; a strategic mountain surrounding the Airbase which has been seized by ISIS after US-coalition airstrikes bombed the Syrian forces there.

Concurrently, the Syrian Army expanded control to the north of 137 Brigade by taking over Raqqa Bridge located to the north of Tal Sanof; thus securing up to 12 km to the north of the Brigade.

In the meantime, the Syrian Army have liberated Shulla area located 22 km to the southwest of Deir Ezzor in bid to reach for the Panorama area and secure yet another supply route to the city.

See Full HD Map below 

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