Syria Map Update : only 3 km to lift ISIS siege on Deir Ezzor – MAP

Syrian Army are advancing to the city of Deir El Zour significantly towards Brigade 137.

A military source has told Muraselon that the Syrian Army units have only 3km left to reach other army units inside Deir El Zour.

The source added that army units inside Deir El Zour are clearing minefields that terrorists organisations have planted in the surrounding city in order to secure the way for the advanced forces to lift the seige.

Russian jets have carried out strikes on ISIS sites in Bghaliah, destroying 2 Tanks and number of ISIS checkpoints .

Russian Mod confirmed that Syrian forces led by Brigadier Suhail Al Hassan have advanced 8km in one day day towards Deir El Zour.

Russian Mod added large numbers of terrorists were killed in airstrikes conducted by Russian and Syrian air forces over the past 24 hours, which has enabled the Syrian army to accelerate the offensive.

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