Russia should be prepared for US revenge for success in Syria, expert warns

Russia’s success in Syria might provoke the United States into destabilizing the post-Soviet space, said a lead researcher of the International Security Problems Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“[Taking into account] that Russia has the upper hand in Syria and knowing the Americans, I can say they will merely get infuriated,” Alexei Fenenko said on Wednesday in his speech to the roundtable discussion titled ‘Two years of Russian Aerospace Force’s operation in Syria: Analysis.’

“We should get prepared for the US revenge, which will be very serious,” he said. “Measures should be taken right now.” The expert is convinced that “the Americans consider in earnest the destabilization of Central Asia.”

“They view Tajikistan as the most vulnerable,” Fenenko said. “So, there are ongoing talks about activation of the Pamir issue that has been sleeping since the Moscow treaty of 1997. Destabilization of Uzbekistan, and probably even Turkmenistan, are viewed in the similar context.”

Moreover, the US might try to destabilize other post-Soviet republics, the political scientist emphasized. “There is a threat in Georgia along with NATO’s teeming activity in Armenia, where evident attempts are made to grow opposition,” he added.

“To drive a wedge in the CSTO [Collective Security Treaty Organization, an assembly of post-Soviet republics] is one of the options to avenge.” “Also, I would not rule out a flare-up of the Transnistrian conflict, with Romania, as a NATO member, being dragged into it,” Fenenko concluded.