President al-Assad stresses importance of intellectual dialogue among parliaments and parties

President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday received a Mauritanian parliamentary delegation comprising members of Mauritanian parties headed by Mohamed Ould Vall, leader of the Mauritanian Ravah (welfare) Party.

During the meeting, President al-Assad said the visits paid by Arab popular delegations are held in high regard by the Syrian people as they “indicate that the sweeping majority of the Arab nation sides with the Syrians in the face of terrorism, bloodshed and vandalism they are exposed to.” A majority compared to which, he said, those who financed and supported terrorism are a negligible minority.

The President stressed that intellectual dialogue among parliaments and parties across the Arab arena is “fundamental and important “for a united vision vis-à-vis causes and challenges to be formulated.


Arabism is about belonging, not abstract ideas in books, the President added, affirming that diversity in the Arab region makes it imperative that belonging be based on a comprehensive vision “for us to be able to emerge from the current identity struggle we are going through.”

The delegation members, for their part, said the Mauritanian people are closely monitoring developments in Syria, reiterating Mauritania’s support for the Syrian leadership, army and people.

They stressed that Syria’s victory will have worldwide reverberations, indicating that the Syrian people have a highly significate battle ahead; which is rebuilding their country.