Ongoing negotiations between Russians and rebels to re-open Homs-Hama highway.

As The White House announced that the United States and Russia have officially agreed on a “de-escalation zone” in southwest Syria, Northern Homs, striking a hopeful note in efforts to end the deadly civil war in that country that has been waged for six years.

The Russians earlier demanded from the opposition forces -operating in northern Homs pocket- to activate the de-escalation zone agreement by re-opening the vital highway linking Homs to Hama cities.

From its side, opposition representatives requested an immediate release of 5000 prisoners of war allegedly held by the Syrian authorities.

Amid endeavors to link the central provinces, some FSA groups have already announced that it will work against the current de-escalation agreement.

However, local activists on social media have recently posted fresh pictures features presence of Russian troops near Al-Rastan Bridge in northern Homs countryside.