Deir Ezzor Map Update: Syrian Army pushes north, recaptures new villages

The Syrian Army continues to fight the Islamic State in different parts of Deir Ezzor, making rapid progress and liberating several villages and towns.

Today, the Army units in the northern axis of the city advanced north to the town of Ayash, imposing full control over five villages, all situated along the western bank of the Euphrates.

The recent advance aims at controlling the whole area located along the western bank to link up with the government troops in the southeastern countryside of Raqqa.

The Syrian Army has also advanced toward Almuhasan town, taking on several hilltops east of the city’s airbase.

Earlier on Monday, the government forces – supported by heavy Russian airstrikes – managed to traverse to the eastern bank of the Euphrates, and liberate al-Marat and Mazloum towns, after fierce battles with the Islamic State.

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