Breaking | Syrian Army Secures Deir Ezzor – Sokhna Highway | Map Update .

The Syrian Army – supported by Russian & Syrian air-forces – launched counter-attack against ISIS sites south Dier Ezzor .

Military sources told Muraselon website that the Syrian Army has fully controlled of Kabajeb village witch located on Deir Ezzor -Sokhneh highway .

Earlier on Friday ,  Al-shoula and its hill ( Syriatell ) have liberated due to the syrian Army counter-attack

By this Achievement , The Deir Ezzor – Sokhneh Highway is now fully safe . Also Al-Raqqa – Deir Ezzor road works normally .

The Syrian Army is in clashes with ISIS South of Sokhneh after a counter-attack against ISIS sites southern , Earlier on Friday , Syrian Army repelled ISIS Attack on its sites in T3 Pumping Station and Hamimah area in Eastern Homs Countryside  ( MAP ) .

HD Map in ” File ” , Or click here 

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