Breaking | Syrian army Makes gains after a counter-attack against ISIS from 2 axis in South Deir Ezzor

The jihadists of the Islamic state have launched wide-scale offensive, targeting the Syrian Army locations in southern Deir Ezzor axis.

Yesterday at night , The jihadists were able to capture many sites along of Dier Ezzor – Sokhneh Highway including kabajeb , shoula villages and many hills arround sokhneh city in eastern Homs countryside , after a Suicides attack by number of Bomb vehicles . Military source told Musaselon website .

On Friday morning , the Syrian Army – supported by Russian & Syrian air-forces – launched counter-attack against ISIS from 2 axis , Dier Ezzor -shoul, kabajeb axis and Sokhneh axis , Military source Added .

A military source exclusively told Muraselon that Syrian Army liberated Al-Shawla village and many sites Southern along of the Highway .However , the clashes continuing in the last part of kabajeb village.

The Syrian Army also has liberated Syriatel hill witch overlooking Al-Shawla village , the Source Added

In the other Axis , the Syrian Army repelled ISIS Attack on its sites in T3 Pumping Station , and launched counter-attack on the hills around Sokhneh , which captured By ISIS last night , with Heavy clashes , Al-Sokhneh is safe , the Source added

The Syrian army & Allies were able to repel ISIS Attack on their sites around Hamimah area in Eastern Homs countryside .

The Military Source confirmed to Muraslon website , that many troops of elite Syrian Army – Tiger forces – have arrived eastern Homs to ” To teach ISIS how the fighting is ” , the Source Added .

Several photographs were released online show ISIS Bodies following the massive offensive by ISSI on Syrian Army positions.


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